Compounding Technology

The state of the art compounding technology of intermeshing intermixers ensures more homogeneous mixing compound as comparison to conventional kneader technology and open mills most Indian Rubber Companies have in house. The production is totally computerized and automated including chemical weighing ensuring the consistency in compound properties in and between batches. Material flow is automated to a high degree too. The major part of the raw materials is transferred to hoppers at delivery. The material is weighed and transported directly to the kneader computer-controlled. Other raw materials, e.g. rubber, are weighed at the mixer. Mixing Mills are having stock Blenders as standard for heterogeneous compounding and Batch Off to ensure the online cooling and maturation.

Distinct Technology Advantages

  • More Homogeneous Compound - Conventional Kneaders - Intermeshing type Intermixers
  • Consistence Quality/ Less Variation - Individual System - Centralized Controlling System (Time, Electricity, Temp, Inputs, pressure, RPM)
  • Economical Running - Traditional Baneberries - Efficient on line Mixing
  • POP - Point of Production Method is to organize real time production system Fully Computerized SPC management and data analysis
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